FT54 4RM


Heat shrinking oven

The Heat shrinking oven model FT54-4RM was designed to carry out one heat shrinking operation every single passage .Two linear burners are set up orthogonally to the direction of the operation line, so that the heat shrinking process can be carried out without any constraint due to the length of the load. Furthermore two additional mobile burners set up transversally (optional in model FT54-4RM) complete the cycle, by performing a shape check on irregularly shaped products. The oven uses CH4 methane gas, even at a low pressure (20mbar 200mm.C.8. civil use), or LPG.


Hourly production rate: 30 packs /h

Employed fuel: methane /LPG

Gas pressure: 20 +200 mbar

Thermal power: 360 Kw

Gas line flow rate: 45 m3/h

Gas consumption: 0.25 m3/cycle

Blower capacity: 700 m3/h

Electrical power: 5kW

230/400 V 50 Hz triI, +N+ PE

Electrical voltage: three phase

machine weight: 1000 kg


The data and measurements of the standard model refer to pallets with maximum measurements of 1100 x1200 x 1200




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