Through a steel ring insulated on three sides, the heat shrinking oven model FT 30 directs a flow of hot air directly onto the product, without the use of any open flames whatsoever. The oven consumes gas in the  cooking phase whereas, during stand by, consumption is negligible thus not affecting overall gas expending. As opposed to other ovens, our model can also be used with methane gas CH4 at a low pressure 20 mbar (200mm.approx.) for civil use, and can also run on L.P.G.



Hourly production rate: 50 packs /h

Employed fuel: methane /LPG

Gas pressure: 20 + 200 mbar

Thermal power: 180 Kw

Gas line flow rate: 22 m3/h

Gas consumption: 0.22 m3/cycle- 0.02 in stand by

Blower capacity: 700 m3/h

Electrical power: 5kW 230/400 V 50 Hz triI, +N+ PE

Electrical voltage: three phase

machine weight: 1600 kg

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