FT54 2RM


Heat shrinking oven model FT54-2rrn is designed to operate on a line, with high production rates, or in a single station for "picking ". Two line burners placed orthogonally to the direction of operation thermoshrink irregularly-shaped products in an adaptive manner, using a shape-control system. The machine cycle is divided into two phases; in the first one, the product is thermoshrink-wrapped front and back, in the second phase, it is turned by 90° for thermoshrinking on sides and top. The oven uses low pressure CH4 methane gas (20mbar 200mm.c.8. for civil use), as well as LPG.


Hourly production:50 pallets·

Employed gas:Methane  LPG

Gas pressure:20 + 200 mbar

Thermal power: 160 kW

Max gas flow rate: 20 m3 /h

Gas consumption:0.20 m3 During operation

Blower capacity:350 m3/h

Electrical power:2kW

Electrical voltage:230/400 V 50Hz three phase

Machine weight:600 kg



 The data and measurements of the standard model refer to pallets with maximum measurements of 1200 x 1200,

h max. 1300 mm



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