Automatic strapping machine model 043TR200 performs fully automated vertical strapping on any product of any kind, with the possibility of applying one or more polypropylene or polyester straps.

It is typically installed on roller, belt or chain conveyors, with breaks in them or shaped so that the strap sliding arch can be mounted.

The machine is comprised of an electro-welded steel sheet-metal structure that vertically supports a mobile unit, comprising the arch and head complex. The mobile unit is automatically locked in position based on pack height.

The lower part of the arch can be equipped with slots to facilitate the removal of debris.

The strapping machine can be combined with its own roll-holder, fitted with an electro-magnetic brake and motorised strap supply unit.

The supply panel is built into the reel-holder and is separate from the machine.

The entire machine cycle is managed by the PLC.



Type of possible strap: polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET)

Strap measurements: 8+16 mm x 0.45 + 0.8 mm

Strap tension: O + 1500 N

Throw/recovery speed: 8 m/s

Roll-holder: 0 internal 200-280-390/405 mm; width 150/160 mm

Installed electric power: 1.2 kW

Electrical power supply: 400V - 50Hz three phase


Standard machine measurements

H= 1700 mm

L= 1100+1500 mm

w= 650 mm


Different measurements are available on request.







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