Automatic wrapping machine for end-line mod. AV200

Automatic wrapping machine with rotating table and motor-driven rollers

Conceived for medium production capacity, model AV200 is a wrapping machine with rotating table and motor-driven roller conveyor, equipped with a fully automated film retaining, cutting and sealing device and a motorised pre-stretch device that significantly reduces film consumption. AV200 can be fitted with a fully automated sheet feeder which unrolls the required amount of film during the pack pre-wrapping phase, and then, once it receives consent from the wrapping machine, places it on top of the pack. At the end of the depositing operation the wrapping machine completes the wrapping cycle and automatically ejects the pack from the roller conveyor.


·         Start cycle in automatic mode:

·         Counter to adjust low and high revs;

·         Film stretch adjuster;

·         Adjustable film layering;

·         Automatic film retaining, cutting and sealing device;

·         Operator panel for settings and diagnostics.

Technical data

·         Accepted pallet: 800 x 1200 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm;

·         Pallet height: 2100 mm (without presser), 1500 mm (with presser);

·         Pallet weight: 1500 kg;

·         Height of rotating table: 300 mm;

·         Production: approx. 50-60 pallets/hour, depending on the wrapping cycle;

·         Film width: 500 mm;

·         voltage supply: 230/400 V, 50Hz;

·         Installed electric power: 2 kW;

·         Compressed air supply: 1/4 of an inch, 6 bar;

·         Air consumption per cycle: 13 Nl.


·         Rotating table with chain conveyor;

·         Electronic motorised pre-stretch device;

·         Retractable, rigid sealing striker to improve film sealing;

·         Pneumatic presser for unstable loads;

·         Pneumatic presser adjustment device based on the characteristics of the load (light or unstable);

·         Device used to lower the height of the film strip to obtain a seam to improve load stability;

·         Column for 2700 mm useful wrapping height;

·         Automatic sheet feeding unit to cover the top of the load.

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