Strapping machine 875


Automatic side strapping machine

General description

Automatic strapping machines model 875 for side strapping are designed for the vertical application of straps to palletised units, or medium or large-sized packs, of any type of production, making shipping or possible warehouse storage safe. They can be incorporated into fully automated lines where they exchange input and output signals with devices installed upstream and downstream, or they can operate separately. They are set up to for the automatic vertical application of one or more straps, stopping packs through the use of photocells.


Various versions to cover every need

The modular construction of the side strapping machines allows application in the most diverse cases. The many available versions with mobile or fixed head, with or without lower retractable channel, with or without side shifting, with press, make it possible to fulfil every strapping need. 


They come with suitable safety features, and are compliant with standards and regulations in force.


Multiple strapping heads

Strapping machine mod. 875 can be equipped with the most suitable type of strapping head for production requirements.


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