Automatic hooding machine IT30


Automatic hooding machine


Automatic hooding machine IT30 positions hoods made from rolled film, wrapped on a reel and prepared-to-measure, based on the product height. With double reel version IT 30/2 it is possible to package multiple products in automatic mode.

The solid cantilevered structure allows it to be installed on any conveyor line.

Every machine is supplied with intrinsic safety measures in compliance with regulations in force.


·         Hourly production rate: 60 pallets·

·         Film thickness:  100 + 200 ~

·         Max reel width:  1500 mm

·         Ext. reel diameter: 700 mm

·         Int. reel diameter:  75 mm

·         Electrical power: 230/400 V 50Hz

·         Electrical voltage: 2,2 kW

·         Compressed air pressure: 6 bar

·         Air consumption/cycle: 21 NI

·         Machine weight: 1100 kg


The data and measurements of the standard model refer to a pallet with maximum measurements of 1100 x 1200 h max. 1400 mm



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