SI30 elevation platform


Elevation platform mod. S130 is mainly conceived to interlock with thermoshrinking machines. It is built with a sturdy coated-steel structure, and can also be used in any lifting application. The structure is composed of a fixed base, double pivoting and lubricated scissors, a centralised system and a deck driven by two cylinders.

The hydraulic devices are served by a hydraulic control unit.



Capacity: 3000 kg

Cycles/hour: 120 No.·

Deck measurements: 1250 x 1000 mm

Min height: 275 mm

Max height: 750 mm

Electrical voltage supply: 230/400 V 50 Hz t,l...- +N+PE

Auxiliaries: 220 Vac

Motor power: 4.13 kW

Max pressure: 190 bar

Max ascent travel time: 15 sec*

Max descent travel time: 10 sec*


Notes: The standard data refers to the max range 

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