RCT Floor-mounted loading roller for transpallet


The "floor-mounted" loading roller conveyor loads the palletised pack-product onto the conveyor line.

Both manual and electric transpallets can be used.

The device is recessed in a cavity. Using the rails along the floor the transpallet can easily travel over the roller conveyor; once it is in position it is possible to deposit the pack-product and unload the transpallet.

Once the accordingly enabled safety zone is clear, the hydraulic lifter  (SI30) raises the pack to the required height, and then, by means of the motor-driven roller conveyor, the shifting phase begins.

Std technical data:

L=1957 mm      w=1374 mm       H MAX lifting.=750 mm

Roller movement speed  8.6 m/1’

Lifting speed  6 m/1’


Roller drive:

roller diameter 89, pitch 103,

usable casing L=1234

Bonfiglioli co-axial gear motor

¾” simple pinion

¾” simple chain

Hydraulic lifter:

useful lifting capacity 2500 Kg

electrical power of control unit 2.2 kw

operation of double hydraulic cylinders.

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