Top Sheet Automatic Dispenser ML30


Automatic Top Sheet Dispenser

The top sheet dispenser is the device that precedes the vertical wrapping machine of the packing linelt is required when the protection of the upper surface of the load is a must.

Easy to install as a stand-alone or on conveyor lines without adjusting its structureif necessary, before the arrivai of the load, the film positioning system places its cutting head at the package heigththen automatical/y adjusts itself and when ready it automatical/y cuts a sheet of filmplacing it on the top of the load.


- output 60 + 250 pafletslhours

- installed power 1,5 kW

- compressed air 6 Bar

- air consumption 3 N l/m in

- energy requirement

380 Volts+PE. three-phase 50 Hz

- auxiliary 24 Vo/ts D. C

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