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Strapping Machines

MARPAK strapping machines are conceived to respond to any industry need when reliable strapping is a must for transportation or handling of palletized goods for a safe stockage

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Hooding machine

To have a perfect packaging of the product through hooding with stretch film. The elastic cap increases the pack stability while defending it from external agents with optimal protection. The greatest care of your products.

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Shrink Wrap Machines

Heat Shrink packaging machines ensure a homogeneous product even in case of important dimensions. The quality of our technology ensures perfect product, and the heat is radiated evenly for greater strength of the weld.

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Automatic wrapping machine

Automatic wrapping machines to stabilize pallet loads with stretch film. Technologies that have long experience in order to ensure quality, stability, autonomy to your products.

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The best way to avoid hood damage due to sharp edges of palletized goods

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