Strapping machine 08


Vertical automatic strapping machine for packs with and without pallet

Mod. 08 strapping machine is built to vertically strap all palletised products, in any field of production, which need to be held together for shipping or handling, and to provide safe storage in the warehouse. With the lower retractable channel, it is possible to insert the strap through the pallet as well, making it a single unit with the product. It can be incorporated into fully automated lines where it exchanges input and output signals with devices installed upstream and downstream, or it can operate separately. It is set up to automatically apply two or more vertical straps, and stops the pack by photocells or by machine transformation (optional).



·         It uses heat-sealable polypropylene and polyester straps for automatic machines, depending on what type of head is installed;

·         Transverse movement of the strapping head as the strap is being pulled to achieve equal tension on the edges of product and therefore greater stability;

·         Multiple newly-developed sectors improve how the strap slides inside the channel, improving the results;

·         Perfect positioning of the strap on the vertical surface ensured by specific brushes located on the sliding channel;

·         Optional telescopic sliding channel unit.

·         When packs with considerably different heights are loaded without creating an even surface, the strap is thrown to the vertical height closest to the smallest pack requiring strapping, accordingly reducing strapping time;

·         Extremely easy maintenance.

Removing the strapping head is made easier by the quick attachment to pins and quick coupling electrichead connections.


Technical data

·         Strapping head up/down speed: 0.21 m/sec.

·         Electrical voltage supply: 230/400 V 50-60Hz

·         Installed electric power: 3kW



·         Motor-driven carriage (1kW) for strapping machine side shifting;

·         Rotating platform (1.5 kW) for crossed strapping;

·         Pressing block - max 1.8 kN;

·         Edge protector placement device;

·         Telescopic channel unit;

·         "End reel" alert device;

·         Model with two-heads and two-bayonets;

·         Hoist to remove and service the strapping head;

·         Console-mounted external supply panel;


Strapping heads

Model 08 can be equipped with the most suitable type of head required for the type of production, for the tension specifications, for throwing and recovering and type of strap.
It is supplied with suitable safety features, the machine is compliant with standards and regulations in force.


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