Heat shrinking oven model FT 58, uses linear hot-air burners without open flames, designed for the combustion of CH4 methane gas or L.P.G. propane, with relative DG 2217 - BL 0557 approval issued by the German Institute for Gas, valid throughout the EU.

The perfectly balanced adjustment of the burners provides an homoeneous heat shrinking process even using very thin film, and ignition is only carried out during the shrinking phase, with considerable savings in gas, when compared to traditional chamber ovens.


Hourly production rate: 60 packs/h

Employed fuel: Methane/LPG

Gas pressure: 20 +200 mbar

Thermal power: 320kW

Gas line flow rate: 45m3/h

Gas consumption: 0.25 m3/cycle

Blower capacity: 700 m3/h

Electrical power: 5kW  230/400V 50Hz 3F+N+ PE

Electrical voltage: three phase

Machine weight: 1000 kg



The data and measurements of the standard model refer to pallets with maximum measurements of

1100 x 1200 h m . 1200 mm


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