Combined hooding machine AT 30


Combined hooding machine

The combined machine for hooding and thermoshrinking, model AT30, is a simple solution that packages any product in a reduced space.

The mobile wrapping head (patented system) generates the hood from film mounted on a reel and supplied to measure.

The arch descends beyond the special conveyor belt and fits the hood onto the product, possibly raised, and then the thermoshrinking phase starts.


Technical features

Hourly production rate: 40 pack/h*

Thickness of employed film: 100+200 ~

Employed fuel: Methane / LPG

Gas pressure: 20 + 200 mbar

Thermal power: 320 kW

Gas line flow rate:

Gas consumption: 0.28 m3/cycle*

Blower capacity: 700 m3/h

Electrical power: 6kW

Electrical voltage: 230/400V 50Hz 3F+N+PE

Machine weight: 3200 kg

Pressure of compressed air line: 6 bar

Air consumption: 25 Nl/cycle


Note·: The data and measurements of the standard model refer to a pallet with maximum measurements of 1100 x 1200 h max. 1200 mm (film thickness of 120 ~m)


Note**: The data refers to the use of CH4 methane gas

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